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Get In The Game | Book By David Joe
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Are you tired of working for little return? Have you succumbed to the tyranny of routine? Are you tired of running a business with less than adequate cash flow? Then it’s time for you to get in the game!

Small business and small business owners are a big deal to author, David Joe. Throughout his career, Joe has helped countless entrepreneurs not only realize their dreams of owning their business, but also how to achieve more life through their business.

Joe challenges the entrepreneur to focus in on what they do best, to find their passion. By finding your passion, it’s easier to focus in on your dream as a business owner.Some entrepreneurs already have their business up and running and are unfortunately, running out of steam. Joe challenges these entrepreneurs to gain a new perspective and change the way they think. If the entrepreneur is running low on passion and drive, something’s got to give!

In Get in the Game: The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Success, author David Joe gives the entrepreneur in trouble a step-by-step process to gain control over their business, produce more profit, and gain more life!

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