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On Seeing Your People and What They Need

It's Not Business It's Personal | Book By Davis Joe
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Why am I unhappy at work?

It’s a question many people ask—executives, middle managers, and laborers alike. The answers will, of course, be as varied as the people asking; however, underneath first-line solutions lies one unifying theme.

In It’s Not Business, It’s Personal: On Seeing Your People and What They Need, David Joe makes the case that individual leaders impact their businesses through their personal growth (or lack thereof) just as much as labor issues or market swings do.

Failure to listen, to learn from colleagues, failure to allow oneself to be wrong and thus to change . . . What is the heart of good leadership? How does one nurture the soul of a business? Why don’t most businesses work? The author knows because he’s spent 25 years as a business analyst and entrepreneur helping CEOs, owners, and managers learn these lessons.

It’s Not Business, It’s Personal reveals the path to professional fulfillment.

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