What we call the “destination disease”

David Joe Blog

Every person with an entrepreneurial spirit and soul has contracted this disease at least once in their pursuit of becoming a business owner.  Becoming a business owner is not a path of rainbows and clear skies. Here’s why: 

It’s a fact that every single person that ventures into the business world does so because there is a great dream that motivates them whether it is money, being their own boss, or building something that is truly theirs. 

But why do we want that? It’s no secret that in order to become your own boss, there is a lot of work you have to do. It can take a significant toll on your mental health. Freedom is what causes this ‘entrepreneurial seizure ‘. It all comes down to this particular feeling. You want the freedom to  spend time with your family. You want time for YOU. 

So you’ve decided to take the step, you have everything it takes to start your business, you have the will, the knowledge, the skills and the money… for now.

However, as you move down that path… reality hits. You’re faced with a lot more problems than you had envisioned. you have absolutely no time at all for yourself or your family. You’re forced to follow a routine that consists of working every hour and sleeping when you find the time. This is the beginning of the destination disease.

This disease hits almost every entrepreneur somewhere in the second or third year of running the business. You find your dream has fled, your drive has faded to somewhere beyond the horizon. You didn’t realize you would be juggling so many things—taxes, books, employee troubles, receivables and payables. You didn’t understand that being a business owner is nothing like being good at your skill set. You didn’t know that leading a team to success requires a whole different set of skills.

Sound familiar? It sure seems it’s all negative talk, but in reality it’s real talk. Becoming your own boss is going to take you time and a lot of effort, but a really important tip to try and avoid the destination disease: Don’t do it alone! 

It’s not wrong to ask for a guide or counsel, someone that’s been through your experience and actually knows what’s going on. 

If becoming a business owner is the path you’re going down. Then start doing the proper research…Today!